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CooLifting home creams are a complement to professional facial and body treatments

CooLifting Daily Gel Cream

Moisturizing Gel Cream with an immediate firming effect. The cream is formulated with a high vitamin content to deliver the necessary nutrients to produce radiant skin. Thanks to its high hyaluronic acid content, it provides both skin moisturization and smooths out wrinkles. And as a final touch, several active ingredients combine to produce a skin lifting effect, stretching it and thus, helping to hide those tough wrinkle lines.


  • Apply the cream to the facial surface until it is completely absorbed.

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CoolCell Anti-Cellulite Gel

An Anti-cellulite Gel Cream, especially developed after extensive research using multiple active ingredients specifically chosen to deal with cellulite and facilitate its drainage. Thanks to its heating effects, the blood circulation reactivates to promote the drainage of retained fats and liquids. Enriched with a multivitamin complex to nourish the skin, it makes skin look at its best again.


  • Apply a large nut-sized amount of the product to the area that was treated with the CooLifting Beauty Gun. Rub for 4 minutes, until it is fully absorbed. Allow the area to set for 1 to 2 minutes, and then rub again for another 2 minutes. The deep heat sensation can last from 30 to 60 minutes.

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CoolShine Cream

With a single cream you can regenerate, revitalize and illuminate your skin.

Indicated for both young and mature skin, and for all skin types with active ingredients improving elasticity, texture and appearance of the face.

A daily application is indicated since cumulative use will make the components regulate the appearance of the skin.

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